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Friday, July 22, 2011

Local Students Graduate from Delaware Valley College

DOYLESTOWN -- Dr. Dorothy Prisco, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty at Delaware Valley College, announced that the following students are among the college's list of May graduates:
Kristine Kelly of Pennsburg, PA
Joseph Linsky of Chalfont, PA
Diane Rohach of Chalfont, PA
Jamie Shetzline of Chalfont, PA
Michele Wilhelm of Chalfont, PA
Ying Xu of Chalfont, PA
Breann DePietro of Perkasie, PA
James Grisan of Perkasie, PA
Kirk Herrmann of Perkasie, PA
Brock Jones of Perkasie, PA
Maria Kemmerer of Perkasie, PA
Joseph McGlory, of Perkasie, PA
Doris Sheaffer of Perkasie, PA
Timothy Souder of Perkasie, PA
Kristine Velez of Perkasie, PA
Kendra Ashenfelder of Quakertown, PA
Erin McGettigan of Quakertown, PA
Kenneth Miller of Quakertown, PA
Brandon Rush of Quakertown, PA
Kyla Scherr of Quakertown, PA
Daniel Chernikovich of Sellersville, PA
Jessica Derrickson of Sellersville, PA
Diane Grady of Sellersville, PA
Scott Niles of Sellersville, PA
Jennifer Alderfer of Souderton, PA
Julie Kelly of Souderton, PA
John Seabrook of Souderton, PA
Brian Casady of Telford, PA
Elizabeth Neuman of Telford, PA
Timothy Tuhacek of Telford, PA
April Laskow of Harleysville, PA
Carly Bombolevicz of Lansdale, PA
Victoria Frunzi of Lansdale, PA
Laura Gregory of Lansdale, PA
Jessica Torres of Lansdale, PA
Christine Wojcik of Lansdale, PA
Matthew Flower of Ambler, PA
David MacFarland of Ambler, PA
Christopher Samanns of Ambler, PA
Zachary Baker of Doylestown, PA
Rachel Burlington of Doylestown, PA
Angelina Calvo-Stevenson of Doylestown, PA
Megan Cassidy of Doylestown, PA
Marie Collie of Doylestown, PA
Lara Hintenlang of New Britain, PA
Lee Laveson of Doylestown, PA
Melissa Milligan of Doylestown, PA
Nancy Mullen of Doylestown, PA
Thomas O'Connor of Doylestown, PA
Daniel Packel of Doylestown, PA
Kaitlan Rotz of Doylestown, PA
Daniel Staniewicz of Doylestown, PA
Margaret Sumner of Doylestown, PA
Dorothy Bowers of Eagleville, PA
Jeffrey Smith of Norristown, PA
Laura Ball of Hatfield, PA
Cynthia Renner of Hatfield, PA
Lee Carter of North Wales, PA


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