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Monday, June 25, 2012

Local Gwynedd-Mercy College students samed to Spring Dean's List

GWYNEDD VALLEY   The following students have been recognized on the dean's list at Gwynedd-Mercy College in the spring 2012:
Lauren Radcliff of Green Lane, PA
Amy Kolb of Pennsburg, PA
Brittany Bell of Doylestown, PA
Samantha Henry of Doylestown, PA
Erin Walter of Doylestown, PA
Jessica Goelz of New Britain, PA
Amanda Altman of Chalfont, PA
Elizabeth Connolly of Chalfont, PA
Dana DiMichele of Chalfont, PA
Julia Domanico of Chalfont, PA
Kelly Landis of Chalfont, PA
Julia Wilson of Chalfont, PA
Amy White of Colmar, PA
Sheila Dyer of Perkasie, PA
Mariah Glaser of Perkasie, PA
Allison Reichert of Perkasie, PA
Nikia Schwartz of Perkasie, PA
Abigail Smith of Perkasie, PA
Michael Tranchitella of Perkasie, PA
Michael Keyser of Quakertown, PA
Kimberly Kratz of Quakertown, PA
Tegan Mackenzie of Quakertown, PA
Shana Pepkowski of Quakertown, PA
Joanna Walker of Quakertown, PA
Brianna Roberts of Sellersville, PA
Jessica Kiser of Elroy, PA
Gloria Ford of Souderton, PA
Daniel Freed of Souderton, PA
Melanie Radcliff of Souderton, PA
Charlene Shisler of Souderton, PA
Marissa Tierney of Souderton, PA
Gloria Hendricks of Telford, PA
Cordelia Kane of Telford, PA
Jacob Piston of Telford, PA
Carolyn Quach-Huynh of Telford, PA
Anna Smith of Telford, PA
Ashley Bristow of Ambler, PA
Rachael Fitzgerald of Ambler, PA
Mary Greenhalgh of Ambler, PA
Tara Grow of Ambler, PA
Richard Karuschkat of Ambler, PA
Devin Kees of Ambler, PA
Courtney Miller of Ambler, PA
Jeffrey Riling of Ambler, PA
Andrew Barninger of Norristown, PA
Lisa Brandenberger of Norristown, PA
Bryn Cotteta of Norristown, PA
Anthonia Keliojor of Norristown, PA
Latisha Lee of Norristown, PA
Lisa Pearson of Norristown, PA
Kathryn Ricciardi of Norristown, PA
Michelle Rosenblum of Audubon, PA
Megan Fine of Eagleville, PA
Ashley Matey of Eagleville, PA
Ashley Heyes of East Norriton, PA
James Wayne of East Norriton, PA
George Cortez of Jeffersonville, PA
Brittany Devanney of Jeffersonville, PA
Leigh Manduke of Jeffersonville, PA
Julie Soltis of Jeffersonville, PA
Ryan Kirkpatrick of Norristown, PA
Justin Kratz of Norristown, PA
Jerry Ploskon of Norristown, PA
Beverly Sizgorich of Norristown, PA
Allyson Chesko of Blue Bell, PA
Stephanie DePaul of Blue Bell, PA
Rachel Fein of Blue Bell, PA
Elaine Johnson of Blue Bell, PA
Amanda Silar of Blue Bell, PA
Kimberly Bargher of Harleysville, PA
Megan DeLany of Harleysville, PA
Lindsay Dietz of Harleysville, PA
Amanda Hickson of Harleysville, PA
Corey Pfister of Harleysville, PA
Francesca Richards of Harleysville, PA
Eric Sanville of Harleysville, PA
Emily McCallister of Hatfield, PA
Robert Murphy of Hatfield, PA
Mayuri Patel of Hatfield, PA
Francis Tomaselli of Hatfield, PA
Nicole Behrens of North Wales, PA
Justin Boyer of North Wales, PA
Stephanie Farrar of North Wales, PA
Maura Gifford of North Wales, PA
Eileen O'Hagan of North Wales, PA
Sung Park of North Wales, PA
Christen Rex of North Wales, PA
Casandra Warner of North Wales, PA
Julie Baker of Schwenksville, PA
Kristine Barnes-Meyers of Schwenksville, PA
Jin Hwang of Schwenksville, PA
Kim Marwaha of Schwenksville, PA
Sarah Moleton of Schwenksville, PA
Steven Rufe of Schwenksville, PA
Caitlin Schimpf of Schwenksville, PA
Thomas Slater of Schwenksville, PA
Meghan Wells of Schwenksville, PA
Sabrina Addesso of Spring House, PA

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Area students graduate from James Madison University

HARRISONBURG, VA -- The following students graduated from James Madison University during the May 5, 2012 commencement exercises.

Caroline Cahill of Ambler graduated with a bachelor of science degree in health sciences.
Kelly McClure of Doylestown graduated with a bachelor of science degree in nursing.
Courtney Keaveney of Trooper graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in political science.
Kelsey O'Connor of Audubon graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in communication sciences and disorders.
Shannon Stulb of Schwenksville graduated with a master of arts degree in Teaching.
Dustin Bell of Audubon graduated with a bachelor of business administration degree in marketing.

Colmar student earns degree at Elmira College

Elmira College held its 157th Commencement on Sunday, June 3rd at the First Arena, in Elmira, New York.
Kelli Hadley of Colmar,   earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing .

Area students were recently honored during Saint Joseph's University Commencement Awards Ceremony

PHILADELPHIA  -- The following residents were honored during the 2012 commencement awards ceremony at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia.
Nicole Braun of Audubon was presented the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing Award. To access photo:
Erin Butler of Harleysville was presented the Spanish Award. To access photo:
Melanie Grimes of Ambler was presented the Criminal Justice Award. To access photo:
Paul Orner of Norristown was presented the International Relations Award. To access photo:
Alexandra Souliotis of North Wales was presented the Gender Studies Program Award. To access photo:
Undergraduates who excelled in service, academics, athletics, leadership or their fields of study were recognized with a variety of awards before the University's annual baccalaureate mass in the Chapel of St. Joseph – Michael J. Smith, S.J., Memorial.

Souderton student participates in summer Service Inquiry Program

GOSHEN, Ind. -- Seven Goshen College students are spending the summer 
in service around the world with a church-related service or mission 
agency through Goshen College's Service Inquiry Program (SIP).

Angela Bishop, a senior Spanish and TESOL double major from Souderton, 
 is working at the Alterna Community in LaGrange, Ga. Bishop, 
daughter of Eric and Linda Bishop, is a 2008 graduate of Christopher 
Dock Mennonite High School.

The program allows students to engage in service for three months 
while under the sponsorship of a church agency and under the tutelage 
of an onsite mentor. During service, students are exposed to societal 
inadequacies and injustices, challenged to come up with creative 
responses to perplexing human problems and encounter people from other 
cultures and backgrounds. At the end of the summer, each volunteer 
receives a scholarship of up to $1,500 toward tuition costs for the 
next academic year. In many cases, though not all, students receive a 
summer stipend from the agencies being served.

Participants in SIP engage in a three-month term of direct, meaningful 
service for others while testing their fit for future long-term 
service. Students applied for assignments and were matched with 
opportunities available with service agencies.

-- By Anna T. Ruth  -- Submitted by Goshen College

Congratulations to the North Penn HS Class of 2012

First Middle Last
Brianna Francine Abad
Kierstin Lynn Abbott
Brianna Lynne Adams
Rasheed Jonathan Adams-Smith
Andrew Gunnar Ahlquist
Sarwar Uddin Ahmed
Syed F. Ahmed
Grace Sora Ahn
Ayrin Nahar Akanda
Tanzuma Akanda
Shakti Akhter
Tabassum Akter
Cassandra Michelle Alarie
Amanda Jean Albano
Christopher Tyler Alderfer
Kyalo Gerald Alexander
Matthew Jeremiah Alexander
Morgan Lisa Alexander
Kendra Marie Allen
Erin  C.  Allison
Dylan Patrick Almeida
Daira Jenae Minnie Alston
Javier Andres Alvarino
Kenneth Michael Ambrose
Evgenia Amelina
Raj P. Amin
Umme Amira
Jeremy Thomas Anderson
Michael Gaetano Anela
Katherine Bomi Ann
Ayca Arig
Jessica Nicole Arnold
Nanci Noemi Arroyo
Ekaterina Arskaya
Kunal Rasesh Atit
Kevin Ray Attebery
Jenarosa Auriemma
Karly Ann Avrach
Taylor Joy Baciocco
Jun Min Baek
Jasmine Inez Baez
Anjul Singh Bagdwal
Valerie Jeanne Balock
Megan Lynne Bamberger
Nicole Marie Bamberger
Kennedy Banda
Daniel Alan Bandura
Leanna Chantay Bannon
Douglas Turner Barber
Scott Thomas Barber
Jennifer Noelle Barnett
Ben Andrew Barnhart
Devin Ashley Barr
Jessica Theresa Barrett
Magdalena Bartnikowska
Angelina Marie Barton
Alexander Gene Bauer
Thomas Allan Bednar
Felicia Maria Beeler
Shannon Michelle Benner
Robert Jaric Bennett
Emily Elizabeth Bergey
Kristin Michele Bergey
Alexander Emil Berman
Nicholas Charles Bernitt
Paul Javier Berrios
Steven Robert Berry
David A. Biddle, Jr.
Mark Alan Biedlingmaier
David Benjamin Bisio
Eniko Kathryn Blandin
Katherine Michelle Blocklove
Lauren Ariel Blumberg
Samuel James Blurton
Joseph Anthony Boccella
Rikki Leaha Bocchinfuso
Bryce Keith Bohannon
Jenna Ashley Bojtschewsky
Ashley Marie Bollens
Alexandra Grace Bonagura
Elizabeth Bones
Christopher John Borges
Edward Mora Borjon
Christopher Ryan Boroch
Thomas Risden Boyd
Colleen Marie Boyle
Domenick James Braccia
Sean Robert Brady
Benjamin Steven Brandolph
Charlotte A. Branson
Margaret M. Branson
Kevin James Braun
Justin Braxton
Derek William Bresadola
Moira Caitlin Bresnahan
Samantha Clare Brightman
Joshua Isaac Broder
Kaitlin Leigh Brody
Wesley Benton Brooks
Emily Clare Brouch
Heaven Leigh Brown
Karim Jamal Brown
Rachel Deborah Brown
Stephen Michael Brown
Sylvia Lanetta Brown
Victoria Irene Brucker
Rachel Caroline Brutko
Seth Michael Brynien
Alexis Taree Bryson
Vincent Charles Buccafuri
Christian James Buchter
Elizabeth Concetta Buckham
Emily Elizabeth Buehler
Cynthia Trang Bui
Pairee Bunrout
Benjamin Conrad Burkhardt
Brian Daniel Burns
Tyler Lamont Burrell
Grusha Butala
Jenna Ashley Caffarello
Trisha Lynn Calhoun
Steven Walters Cameron II
Ashley Elizabeth Cammarota
Carmen Joseph Capraro
Leah Kathleen Carey
Lauren Marie Carroll
Paul William Carter
Christina Marie Caruso
Shawn Edward Carvin, Jr.
Rachel Elise Cary
James Ian Case
Joshua Robert Cassar
Tracey Johnson Caterisano
Michelle Jin Cha
Brian Chang
Amy Elizabeth Check
Christopher Glenn Check
Christopher Thomas Chen
Tyler Cher
Brianna Cheyenne Cherry
Stephen Raymond Chiang
Hannah Choe
Stephen Sungshin Choi
Grace Eun Hae Chong
Adnan Estiak Chowdhury
Shihann Chu
Jonathan Carlos Chung
Michelle Lynn Cicala
Brittany Ann Ciccarella
Joseph Alan Claffey
Casey Alexander Clauss
Brian Michael Clemens
Gabrielle Marie Clugston
Renny Joseph Cobb
Esteban Coello
Bridget Mary Coffey
Kelley Lynn Colbridge
Juliana Renee Collins
Stephen Andrew Collins
Jason Michael Conaway
Kelly Ann Connelly
Peter Anthony Conrad
Joshua Reed Cook
Ryan James Copenhaver
Lori Christine Corona
Kerrie Kyla Costello-McLean
Collin James Cousart
Kevin George Cox
Haley Lee Creamer
Rommel Arandia Cressman
Schyler Sue Culbertson
Christina Joy Custus
Emily Elizabeth Czudak
Prianka Vinod Dadhich
James Francis Daino
Lauren Elizabeth Dale
Nicholas Keith D'Amore
Tobias Damrat
Alyssa Marie Dannaker
Ryan Mitchell Danoff
Megan Nicole Darde
Mackenzie Elizabeth Daubert
Elaine Rose Daubney
Matthew Christopher Davey
Corey Mark Davis
Daniel Jeffrey Davis
Meghan Kate Davis
Patrick Samuel Davis
Christopher Ian Dawson
Antonio Jamaal Dean
Jason Matthew Deana
Lynne Ashley Deckel
Brian James Decker
Aubrey Lynn DeFazio
Kaitlyn Marie DeFrangesco
Joshua David DeJesus
Branden James Dell
Laura Rose DeLongis
Jesse Steven Demasi
Jonathan Patrick Dembowski
Nicole Annette DeNardo
Nicholas Allan Depermentier
Dimitri  Michael Derns
James Ryan Derstine
Nidhi Sunilbhai Desai
Meghana Deshmane
Amit Hanmantrao Deshmukh
Nishant Hanmantrao Deshmukh
Christina Leigh DeSilva
Anirudh Devabhaktuni
James Edward Devericks III
Katrina Gabrielle Devlin
Eshrak El Sami Dewan
Krishna R. Dhanani
Mariana Lynn Diaz
Rachel Kim DiCerbo
Scott Browning Dickenson
Danielle Mary DiDomizio
Terrell D. Diggs
Melissa Ann Dillon
Jonathan Robert DiMuzio
Matthew Stephen DiNenno
Rebecca Feehan Diorio
Jennifer Erin Dodman
Shannon Colleen Doerr
Branden William Doll
Brianna Marie Donatucci
Shannen Jenai Donnell
Christian Thomas P. Dooley
Zachary Tyler D'Orazio
Roberta Lynn Dougherty
Brandon Tyler Drenkhahn
Sarah Jane Dressler
Amy Lynne Driscoll
Amanda Elizabeth Drop
Corey Scott Drumheiser
Melissa Rose Duffy
Danielle Gloria Dungee
Timothy Patrick Dunigan IV
Kevin John Dunigan, Jr.
Ryan Glen Dwyer
Dominique Dyer
Dennis George Edsell, Jr.
Dylan Scott Eiger
Kathryn Elechko
Erica Helene Elias
Matthew Robert Elias
Matthew Tyler Elizardo
Elias Steven El-Kareh
Rebecca E. Elliott
Brooke Elizabeth Else
Kaitlin Emily Epps
Darienne Marie Ericson
Michael Stephen Erik
Corey Joseph Ernst
John James Ernst
Kathleen Ismael Escarcha
Stephanie Rose Espie
Joseph Michael Ethengain
Shayla Lynne Etheridge
Marissa Courtney Everett
Taylor Austin Everett
Jenna Lee Faccenda
Michael Patrick Fantry
Tabassum Yasin Farah
Kira Gloria Farrell
Patrick Louis Farrell
Nicholas Owen Faughey
Richard Curtis Feher
Molly Jean Fehr
Kevin Scott Fernes
Branden Manuel Ferreira
James M. Fielder
Ryan Matthew Fielder
Ciara Tena Fields-Johnson
Carl David Fink
Micheil Patrick Finley
Erin Noel Fisher
Lashe' Fishley
Katie Michelle Fitzpatrick
Kelly Elizabeth Flanigan
Marissa Leigh Flores
Marc Anthony Fogel, Jr.
Rose Fogliano
Carrie Leona Forbes
Nicole Rose Ford
Raymond Tylor Fordyce
Kiara Christiana Forte
Taylor Leigh Foster
Dale Lawrence Foster, Jr.
Lindsey Taylor Foyle
Marissa Lynne Franklin
Briana Maria Furchi
Jinal Nagjibhai Gadhiya
Ariane Véronique Gagnon
Cherelle Nicole Gaillard
Ervin Jeronimo Gaitan, Jr.
Austin Gregory Gallagher
Jaclyn Marie Gallagher
Lindsay Renee Gallagher
Megan Veronica Gallagher
Nicholas Alexander Gallagher
Angie Gineth Galofre
Antoinette Angelica Garcia
Austin Craig Garcia
John Austin Garland
Aaron R. Gary
Victoria Catherine Garzone
Andrew Stephen Gawell
Merna Mokhles Gayed
Jacob Daniel Gazdik
Patrick Paul Gehman
Ashley Nicole Gehris
Ray Vaughn Gerhart
Jillian Noble Gerlach
Taylor Lynn Gerstlauer
Tessa Elizabeth Gery
Daniel John Gevirtz
Linda Giang
Franco Nicholas Gigliotti
Kaitlyn Laurel Gill
Nicholas Anthony Gill
Carly Elizabeth Gillotti
Tehira Jenee Gilmore
Tomás Antonio Giménez
April Kay Gladfelter
Anthony Michael Godshall
Miranda Rose Golden
Eric Matthew Goldstein
Rebecca Gail Goodolf
Christina Marie Goodrich
Zachary Tyler Goodwin
Zachary William Gorodetzer
Marquise Billups Gosnell
Joshua Charles Graef
Zachary Austin Grant
Nicholas George Graziano
Katie Lynn Green
Justin Woodrow Greenleaf
Devyn Patrice Gregorio
Ian Christopher Griffin
Jessica Calla Griffith
Brandon David Griggs
Nicholas Anthony Griglione
Rachael Elizabeth Groat
Daniel Patrick Gross
Emily Louise Gross
Daniel William Grundy
David Christopher Gubitosa
Hadrien Guichard
Martinique Nicole Gutierrez
Kristen Nicole Gutowski
Christopher Guzman
James Richard Haas
Kassandra Marie Habib
Raihan Habib
Emily Elizabeth Hagan
Tyler William Haines
Jasmin Janell Hall
Samantha G. Hall
Shawna Lei Hall
Ruby Anna Halpern
Brittney Lynn Hamon
Jason Sukkod Han
Cierra Lee Harden
Lauren Michaela Harder
Devina Harnita
Stephen Joseph Harrington, Jr.
Herbert Weldon Harris III
Christopher James Hartman, Jr.
William Richard Hartnett III
Connor Lee Hatfield
Robert Nicholas Hausler, Jr.
Kathleen Theresa Haydt
Jennifer Anne Haynes
Heather Rose Heacock
Jemma Elizabeth Hedrick
Lucas Scott Hefferon
Nathan Scott Hegel
Jacob Vincent Heinrich
Tyler Vernon Hemmerle
Martin Elliott Hensel
Paige Elizabeth Henshaw
Caroline Elaine Hentzen
Laura Jean Hess
Patrick John Hessenius
Rachel Renee Hessey
Robert Paul Hessler, Jr.
Corrine Elizabeth Hildebrand
Robert Henry Hill, Jr.
Lauren M. Himes
Eric Daniel Himmel
Claire Elizabeth Hinkle
Lucas Robert Hinkle
Megan Elizabeth Hittle
Gabrielle Kristen Hoffman
Rachael Dawn Marie Hoffmann
Robert Jon Hoffner III
Brandon Michael Holbert
Grayson Alexander Holladay
Brett Alan Holliday
Yejin Hong
Kelly Linette Hood
Wilhemina Deborah Hopkins
John Michael Hoy
Tha Gay Hser
Amanda Christine Huber
Colin Mattias Huber
Kristen Lynn Huber
Alyssa Lauren Hubler
Annelysse Marie Hull
Lindsay Cathryn Hummell
Jacqueline Hunter
Ayisha Hussain
Carmeen Nichole Hutchinson
Minna Marie Huttanus
Jacqueline Khanh Ngoc Huynh
Emilie Sakata Ikeda
Lisa Marie Imperato
Charles Andrew Izurieta
Shytrell Martise Jackson
Laura Page Jagaczewski
Valerie Susan James
Anna Elyssa Janoff
Brooke Lynn Jasuta
Thomas Joseph Jauss, Jr.
Amanda Rose Jensen
Brianna Marie Jerdan
Kishan A. Jivani
Anjali Shirish Joglekar
Svenja Johannessen
Davon Terrel Johnson
Jordan Charles Johnson
Christian Nicholas Jones
Courtney Lynn Jones
Megan Cody Jones
Katherine Anne Jordan
Jennie Shih-Jane Ju
Jenny Jung
Anthony Maximilian Jurina
Joseph Richard Kahney
Alexandra Nicole Kajari
Shivani Subhash Kalaria
Dominique Michael Kanada
Kathy E. Kang
Min Hee Kang
Min Woo Brian Kang
Bryan Joseph Karthauser
Shannon Leigh Keen
Drew Benjamin Keller
Jason Samuel Keller
Kara Maurisa Kelley
Megan Ann Kelley
Ryan Xavier Kelly
Robert Scott Kempf
Alexander Kenneth Kennedy
Conor James Kennedy
Olivia Brianne Kenney
Tony Keo
Robert William Kernen III
Christopher Joseph Kerr
Anna Kersten
Aaron Maxwell Keyser
Most N. Khatun
Mikhail Khodak
Adria Meredith Killen
Daniel Elisha Kim
Hannah Hanna Kim
Hyun Jae Kate Kim
Ian Hyon Kim
Joshua Kim
Minzo Kim
Paul Kim
Soobin Kim
Sung Hun Kim
Yoon Ho Kim
Mary Margaret King
Brian Paul Kissig
Jeffrey Hays Klein
Benjamin Stanley Kloss
Stephanie Ann Knauer
Kim Marie Ko
Logan Xavier Frost Koch
Kathryn Lynn Kocsi
Brandon Joshua Koder
Maxwell Ryan Koder
Michael Xavier Koder
Brandon Thomas Koehler
Daniel Brian Koeplinger
Jessica Leigh Kopp
Michael Thomas Korpa
Nika Ruth Kownurko
Courtney Paige Kracht
Lauren Julia Kracht
Jennifer Ashley Krane
Justin David Kratz
Justin Michael Krauss
Matthew Mark Kresge
Tyler Edward Kriebel
Brenda Gayle Krissinger
Melissa Beth Krissinger
Alexander Ryan Krok
Leidy Michael Krout
Gia Marie Krystopa
Sunit N. Kulkarni
Edward August Kurek IV
Jean Young Kwon
Lynne Ann LaBate
Sergey Lakhchakov
Rebecca Lynn Landes
Troy Christopher Landis
Dquan Lane-Hill
Ryan Joseph Langton
Anthony Bruno LaRosa
Alec Paul Lashkevich
Jesse Jason Lauman
Thomas Patrick Lawler IV
Jacob Alexander Lawrence
Seth Michael Laws
Joseph John Lazar III
Hoang Kim Le
Tai Duy Le
Trinh Nguyen Le
Christopher Lee
Dae Heun Lee
Hoon Jay Lee
Joshua Wonjoon Lee
Kang To Lee
Michael Austin Lee
Taemin Lee
Casey Lynn Leech
Steven Charles Leonard
Alexander Quan Leong
Thomas Joseph Lepera
Lauren Marie Lepiane
Ryan Patrick Lesher
Alexa Jordan Levine
Jason Joseph Lewinski
Kangning Gary Li
Taylor Marie Liddy
Andrew Carl Lightfoot
Kristen Elizabeth Lilly
Courtney Ann Lindsey
Ashley Taylor Liss
Nashika Rasheda Little
Dimitrius Gabriel Liwen
Joelle Hope Liwerant
Alesia Marie Long
Carly Renee Loudenslager
Robert John Loughlin
Isabella DeeAhan Lowrie
Carlos Andres Lozano
Julian Lap-Yun Lui
Steven William Lukens
Brittany Young Lussier
Rosanna Wing-Yuan Ma
Tilomai Tavita Maae
Brooke Reanna Mackey
Nicholas Stephen Macy
Brandon Lee Maddux
Richard R.  Madge
Danielle Renee Maier
Jovania Lizzette Maldonado
Adam Christopher Malick
Erin Nicole Malinao
Megann Mallon
Mary Kathryn Maloney
Zachary David Maltezos
Thomas Leehan Mangan
Sadeiah Mariea Mapp-Matthews
Matthew Shawn Marcelis
Julia Mae Marger
Nicole Galang Mariano
Christopher Edward Markle
Kathryn Lindsey Marks
Karla Stephanie Marquez
Jena Stevens Marron
Patrick Ryan Martin
Tamea Monae Martin
Nicholas John Marukos
Allison Emily Mason
Shakira Talaine Matanic
Robert Patrick Matlack
Matthew Christopher Matyszczak
Fahamida Marium Mau
Alana Morgan Maury
Lauren Elizabeth Mayer
Devin Lynn McCoy
Michael Thomas McCullough
Andrew Benjamin McDermott
Brenda Marie McDermott
Riley Joseph McFadden
Kelly Theresa McGill
Meghan McGovern
Matthew John Lerums McGrory
William Robert McGuckin III
Patrick Clayton McGuire
Christopher Michael McGuriman
Michelle Allison McLean
Matthew Dennis McMahon
Nathan Patrick McPeak
Julia Carol Meeker
Douglas Adam Mekel
Marim Melika
Mena Eid Melika
Nicole Lauren Melone
Corwin Marcus Menefee
Shannon Brittany Mengini
Aarathi Paramesh Menon
Thomas Edgar Mentzer
Marc Alexander Meoli
Ryan Patrick Merk
Khory Khamron Merritt
Andrew Joseph Mesaris
Nicole Lynne Meszaros
Jannatul Mewa
Jared John Meyer
Brenda Lillian Michelson
Alyssa Brooke Miles
Kenneth Riley Miller
Michael Gerard Minichini
Caitlin Beller Mininger
Ryan Patrick Mink
Ian Charles Mix
Saundria Michelle Moed
Matthew Tyler Mood
Ji  Young Moon
Bryan Matthew Moore
Kathryn Melissa Moore
Matthew Michael Moore
Ryan William Moran
Xiareen Marie Morocho
Tanya Chiru Moronge
Emily Kathleen Morris
Amanda Patricia Most
Jessica Lynne Mower
Thomas Kenneth Moyer
Selena Marie Muik
Blaze Ryan Mullaly
Noel Eun Mun
Avelein Joy Munieza
Aaliya Jasmine Munson
Christina Anastasia Murdoch
Collin Michael Murray
Danielle Marie Murray
Ryan Gabriel Murray
Malachi Musick
Lauren Marie Nace
Jane M. Nam
Sanjida Nasrin
Jonathan Paul Edouard Nazon
Lauren Elizabeth Neeld
Alexandra Keator Nelson
Ishaan Abhijit Nerurkar
Laura Noelle Nestor
Wesley Raymond Newcomer
Linda Truc Nguyen
Tony Huu Nguyen
Vi Hoang Uyen Nguyen
Victoria Quyen Nguyen
Vinh Quoc Nguyen
Bob Liu Ni
Jordan Alexandra Niedosik
Leah Rose Niezgoda
Danielle Elizabeth Nonnenman
Joseph Tyler Noonan
Sufi Bin Noor
Anthony Joseph Novi
Natalie Elizabeth Nowicki
Tulani Khya Ntaka
Swetha Rao Nuthulaganti
Brendan Matthew O'Connor
Kelsey Anne O'Gara
Jun Seong Oh
Alexa Suzanne O'Herrick
Carly Sara Okino
Gianna Sara Okino
Matthew Joseph Oldham
Matthew William Oldt
Carmen Maria Olleros Guerrero
Scott Erik Olsen
Mary Elizabeth O'Mara
Victoria LouAnn Onorato
Rachel Marie Orgill
Jillian Danielle O'Rourke
Margaret Rose Oscar
Melody Marie Oscar
Suyog Padgaonkar
Daniel Alex Pak
Heather Marie Paolone
Amanda Kaitlin Paone
Anthony Michael Paone
Jessica Lynn Paradysz
Owen Robert Paradysz
Radha B. Parekh
Rea S. Parikh
Christopher Park
Eileen Park
Abbey Claire Parrott
Sarah Nicole Parrotte
Brian Andrew Parry
Caroline Despina Pashos
Kelly Marie Paskill
Aman M. Patel
Amish Jayesh Patel
Anish H. Patel
Bhavik Vishnu Patel
Bijal Parimal Patel
Darpan S. Patel
Dharmesh M. Patel
Dolly A.  Patel
Harshil R. Patel
Henal Rajesh Patel
Hiral P. Patel
Karishma K. Patel
Kevin V. Patel
Kunal Gopal Patel
Madhavi Prashant Patel
Pankti Kamlesh Patel
Parth Pravinkumar Patel
Roshni Vipul Patel
Rushi S. Patel
Shivani H. Patel
Shreya Anil Patel
Shreya Virendrabhai Patel
Shriya Girish Patel
Upasana Sanjay Patel
Vasant C. Patel
Virali Shailesh Patel
Stephanie Lynne Patterson
Ashley Nicole Pawling
Austin Joseph Pedroni
Nicole Leigh Penders
Aaron Y. Peng
Deanna Perri
Victoria Marie Petosa
Mark Douglas Petro-Roy
Tyler James Phifer
Reena Ida Philips
Supriya Glory Philips
Carly Brooke Pickford
Jackson Todd Pifer
Stacey Anne Pinkos
Kisha Donyale Pio
Maria Yvonne Poccia
Elizabeth Kati Pogas
Blase T. Porretti
Brittney Nicole Porter
Caleb Jared Porter
Andres Posada
Hollis Nicole Potts
Nicholas David Poulin
Erin Violet Poynor
Shaan David Prabhakar
Brittany Megan Prestia
Brooke Emily Prestia
Charles Anthony Price
Austin Thomas Printz
Andrea Marie Prisco
Nicholas John Pulli
Vidya Punati
Robert Gerard Quelly, Jr.
Cory Evan Quigley
Catherine Joan Quinn
Juan Gabriel Quinodoz
Jasmine Marie Quirple
Md Razaul Rahman
Nahida Akter Rahman
Caitlyn Elyce Raimo
Dylan James Rainone
Visakhaben Kamlesh Kumar Raj
Brijeshkumar Rajnikant Rajpara
Timothy Allan Raszewski
Brandon Michael Rauch
Jugal Praful Raval
Breianah Cierra Raysor-Moore
Dominic Paul Recco
Robert George Reddick, Jr.
Brian August Redding, Jr.
Ralph Edward Reeves
Cassandra Lina Reffner
Kyle Stephen Reider
Jacqueline Anne Reilley
Jason Alexander Reininger
Nicole Revitsky
Egzona Rexha
Brandon Rocha Ribeiro
Anthony Michael Riccardi
Paige Elizabeth Richards
Sierra Aries Ritchie-Gruver
Kimberly Nicole Rivas
Anthony Michael Rivellini
Lawrence Christopher Roane
Daniel James Robbins
Christopher Vincent Roberts
Devon Juray Robinson
Erica Kadiesha Robinson
Callie Lauren Rojewski
Adolfo Antonio Rollins
Christina Yvette Rolon
William Lawrence Ronan
Melissa Ronnan
Brendan Patrick Rooney
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Brian Richard Rudy
Vincent Francis Ruggieri
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Fernando Jose Santiago-Colon
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Nicole Anna Sarnese
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Rajvi Yogendra Sarvaiya
Rebecca Lynn Savage
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Zachary Max Schaffer
Tara Teresa Schell
Quinn Alexandra Schilder
Jessica Renee Schmechel
Kaitlyn Alexis Schroeder
Amanda Helaine Schwartz
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Lauren Emily Sellers
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Yebin Seo
Trisha Marie Sewak
Brandon Joseph Seward
Jay Nilesh Shah
Mohamed Tanbeer Shajahan
Mohammed Shakial
Corrine Gail Shanaman
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Wesley Joseph Shofstahl
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Greta Ann Thamm
Mamata Tharima
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